7. Assemble Wedge Pack

Assemble Wedge Pack Introduction

This portion of the installation will require the Wedge Pack hardware kit illustrated in Section 4.

7.1. Determine Wedges to Use

Based on Table 2 and the transom angle determined in Section 6, compile the Transom Plate, Actuator Plate, Wedge Pack Hardware kit and appropriate wedges for port and starboard. It is possible that the hull has different angles for each location.

  1. Stack the proper number of Wedge Plates on top of the Transom Plate using the tabs and grooves on the Wedge Plates shown below to keep them in the correct orientation. There are matching tabs on the Transom Plate to assist with alignment.
  2. Place the Actuator Plate on top to complete the Wedge Pack Assembly.
Figure 25 – Locking Tabs and Groves of Wedge Plates.

7.2. Bolt Parts Together

Note: Before bolting parts together, check to make sure that none of the hardware on the back side of the Actuator Plate has fallen out during shipping or handling (highlighted below in blue).

Figure 26 – Hardware Inserts on Back of Actuator Plate
  1. Place a cylindrical washer on each bolt, with the flat side on the head of the bolt.
  2. Apply thread locking sealant activator/primer and thread locking sealant to bolts.
  3. Install the five (5) M8 x 30 mm bolts in the bottom of the Transom Plate, as shown below (The 600 mm Controllers will have seven [7] bolts.)
  4. The top two (2) M8 bolts must be selected based upon the total Wedge Plates in use. If the Wedge Plates are combined to be greater than, or equal to, 5 degrees, use the 60 mm bolts in the top of the Transom Plate. If the Wedge Plates are combined to be less than 5 degrees, use the 50 mm bolts in the top of the Transom Plate. See Table 2.

Note: Be sure to use the correct bolt length. Incorrect bolt length may result in insufficient thread engagement or the inability to attach the Seal Plate in later steps.

  1. Place cylindrical nuts over the ends of the screws on the Actuator Plate and torque to 75 in-lbs (8.5 N-m) in an alternating pattern.
Figure 27 – Wedge Pack Assembly