10.1. Concealed Cable Entry

The cable routing can be concealed if the hull structure allows for it. Follow this procedure for mounting the supplied protective conduit for the Actuator cable.

  1. Check for available space on the interior of the hull and clean access to the transom prior to starting the Concealed Cable Entry procedure. Verify there is no structure or cable in the way of either inboard or outboard oval hole location of the Wedge Pack Assembly.
  2. Assemble the Drill Guide by placing the Drill Guide Tube inside of the follower with the rounded part of the tube on the outer diameter of the follower, as shown below. The tube should telescope in and out of the follower freely.
Figure 38 – Drill Guide
  1. Leave the Wedge Pack in place as fitted during Section 9.
  2. Place the Drill Guide Assembly in one of the oval cable ports in the Wedge Pack Assembly as shown below.
  3. The inboard or outboard oval cable port in the Wedge Pack Assembly can be used depending on available inboard space.
Figure 39 – Drill Guide Insert into Wedge Pack.
  1. Press the face of the Drill Guide flush with the transom of the boat. Use this to create a 1/4 in. (6.4 mm) pilot hole in the transom.
  2. Remove the Drill Guide.
  3. Loosen the positioning screws that are holding the Wedge Pack in place, then remove the Wedge Pack Assembly.
  4. Drill out the pilot hole to match the diameter of the Cable Gland with a 3/4 in. (19 mm) drill bit.
  5. Apply a liberal amount of sealant on the outer diameter of the Cable Gland tube (See Figure 40, Left). Install the Cable Gland tube from the inboard side of the transom.
  6. Apply more sealant where the tube meets the outboard side of the transom (See Figure 40, Right).
Figure 40 – Sealant Application to Cable Gland
  1. Install the Nut on the outboard side of the transom. Tighten until the Nut contacts the transom. Do not overtighten.
Figure 41 – Outboard Cable Gland Nut Installation
  1. Cut off the excess threads on the outboard side off using a hacksaw or oscillating tool.
Figure 42 – Cable Gland Trimming