8.6. Grind Old Construction Only

Note: For old construction where the transom laminate has been modified or repaired, follow this section.

  1. If the transom in question has been repaired or modified in any way that would compromise the gel coat to fiberglass bond in the region of the Controller installation, please contact a structural engineer or naval architect to ensure the structure in way of the Controller is suitable for installation. If the structure is deemed acceptable for installation, continue through the following sections.
  2. Grind the area where the Transom Plate is to be mounted, using 60 grit abrasive pad or Dual Action Sander. Remove the outer layers of paint, gel coat, or fairing to reveal the fiberglass beneath.
Figure 34 – Using a DA Sander to Remove Paint and Gel Coat
Figure 35 – Gel Coat Removed