9.1. Test Fit the Seal Plate

  1. Hang the Wedge Pack on the positioning screws. Align the bottom surface of the Wedge Pack Assembly with the deadrise as indicated in Section 5.
  2. When aligned, tighten the positioning screws to hold the Wedge Pack in place.
  3. Add the Seal Plate to the assembly to check its position as indicated in Section 5. Insert the six (6) M6-1.0 x 30 mm bolts and washers to hold the Seal Plate, as shown below. (600 mm Controllers will have eight [8] bolts and washers.) Note: Apply thread locking sealant, but do not apply the final torque during this step.
Figure 37 – Seal Plate Test Fit
Figure 38 – Seal Plate Alignment Check
  1. Using a straight edge, verify that the Seal Plate is parallel with the hull bottom in the desired location as shown above. Due to different hull shapes and features, the Seal Plate may not be parallel to the hull bottom across its full span. For more information, refer to Section 5.
  2. If the Seal Plate is not parallel in the location needed, repeat Section 7, modifying the number of Wedge Plates until the correct angle has been achieved.
  3. Once fit is satisfactory, mark the alignment with a writing utensil on inboard and outboard sides of the Transom Plate to make the final mounting easier.
  4. Remove the Seal Plate from the Wedge Pack using the six (6) M6-1.0 x 30 mm bolts and washers (eight [8] on a 600 mm Controller).