Measure Transom Angle Introduction

Seakeeper Ride Controllers must be mounted as close to parallel with the running surface of the hull as possible, as explained in Section 5. This portion of the installation is to measure the angle at the chosen locations. The Wedge Pack Assembly (Items 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 in Figure 5) allows for the adjustment of the Controllers to the boat’s transom angle. The figure below illustrates the differences in the angle between the aft end of the running surface and the transom (A) and the resulting effects on Wedge Pack selection (B). The top two images show correct angle adjustments. The bottom two images show incorrect angle adjustments.

Figure 20 – Different Transom Angles and the Effects on Seakeeper Ride’s Geometry

For optimal performance, the Seal Plate must be completely flush with the aft end of the running surface of the boat, which will eliminate angle C in the figure above. The Seal Plate can angle upward up to 2 degrees with a negligible effect on system performance. If the Seal Plate angles upward more than 2 degrees, or if the Seal Plate angles downward at all, a significant negative impact on the performance of the system will result.

Figure 21 – Seal Plate Acceptable Angle