11.1. Prepare Parts and Hull

  1. Wipe the area to be bonded with acetone or denatured alcohol and plain white paper towels.
  2. Replace the tape around the border of the abraded portion of the transom where the Transom Plate will be mounted. Mask around the mounting location as well as the bottom of the boat. The tape will help keep the surrounding gelcoat clean of adhesive. The inside of the Cable Gland should be covered to avoid adhesive from entering the gland, particularly when installing with a Concealed Cable Entry as indicated in Section 10.1.
Figure 44 – Tape Masking off Gel Coat
  1. Tape the top and side edges of the Wedge Pack Assembly. Note: The drain holes on the Wedge Pack Assembly, circled in the figure below must be covered with tape to avoid adhesive clogging them.
Figure 45 – Drain Hole in Wedge Pack
  1. Wipe the Wedge Pack down with acetone or denatured alcohol using plain white paper towels to remove oil/surface contaminants.