Mechanical Installation Introduction

The Seakeeper 1 can produce forces of up to 1,515 lbs (6.74 kN) in the vertical direction, 2,248 lbs (10.0 kN) in the longitudinal direction, and 1,697 lbs (7.55 kN) in the lateral direction at each of the four mounts. Careful consideration should be given to foundation design to ensure it is capable of safely transferring these loads into the hull. These loads represent a worst-case operating condition that includes a 6 G acceleration evaluated in each direction independently. The responsible party for designing the supporting structure (boat builder, installer, or hired sub-contractor) must accommodate the above forces plus a reasonable factor of safety. Seakeeper recommends a minimum safety factor of 2.0 (yielding a safety margin of 2.0).

It is assumed that the installer is familiar with mounting using mechanical fasteners to marine structures and has performed structural analysis to ensure the structure to which the Seakeeper mounts can properly transfer the loads the Seakeeper exerts into the hull structure. If the installer has any doubt about the ability of the structure to transfer the loads to the hull, then the installer should contact a licensed naval architect or engineer to perform a structural analysis.

The installer should review the following list of reference drawings to ensure the mechanical installation procedure is fully understood.

Reference Documents & Drawings:
Link to Seakeeper 1 Reference Documents

  • 90510 – Seakeeper 1 Hardware Scope of Supply
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