Installation and Start Up Checklist Introduction

Reference Documents & Drawings:
Link to Seakeeper 1 Reference Documents

  • 90516 – Seakeeper 1 Bolt-In Installation Details
  • 90511 – Seakeeper 1 Cable Block Diagram
  • 90512 – Seakeeper 1 Cooling Water Schematic
  • 90437 – Seakeeper Commissioning Form
  • SWI-105 Commissioning Checklist
  • 90520 – Seakeeper 1 Operation Manual
  • 90569 – Seakeeper ConnectBox and Application Quick Start Guide

The Installation and Start Up Checklists in this section provide an overview of the primary steps covered in the installation manual and should be referenced throughout the installation process. Upon completion of the Seakeeper 1 installation, the installer should commission each Seakeeper unit with the Seakeeper Commissioning Form (90437). The Commissioning Checklist Work Instruction (SWI-105) provides a checklist of items to inspect and verify during the commissioning process and serves as a supplement to the Seakeeper Commissioning Form (90437).

All Seakeeper stabilizers should be commissioned to verify installation specifications and requirements have been implemented properly. The commissioning process should include completion of the Seakeeper Commissioning Form (90437), all the items in the Installation Checklist, and verification of Seakeeper 1 operation without alarms or abnormal behavior.