Start Up Checklist

Refer to Seakeeper 1 Operation Manual, Section 2 for detailed start up instructions.

Prior to beginning the start up sequence all previous Sections of the Installation Manual for Mechanical, Electrical, and Cooling installation must be complete. Before continuing, the Seakeeper 1 cover must be installed and the operating clearances must be clear of personnel and equipment.

  • Remove lifting bolts and install sealing bolts and washers into lifting eye holes and install cover.
  • Energize battery isolation switch, high current 80 A breaker, and seawater pump breaker.
  • Verify Seakeeper display is active and no alarms are present.
    • If the Seakeeper 1 display does not activate, turn off both circuit breakers immediately and check all wiring connections.
  • Override seawater pump “on” (at 0 RPM hold down SERVICE Button, wrench icon, for 5 seconds) and verify flow at seawater outlet.
  • Press Seakeeper ON/OFF Button and follow instructions in Seakeeper 1 Operation Manual, Section 2 for complete start up instructions.
  • Verify that no ALARMS are present.
  • Power Seakeeper 1 down, the Seakeeper 1 flywheel will take 2+ hours to coast down to 0 RPM.