Seakeeper 1 Display Connection

Reference Drawings:

  • 90511 – Seakeeper 1 Cable Block Diagram
  • TB 90573 – Seakeeper 1 Display Options
    • TB 90478 – Garmin and Seakeeper Compatibility
    • TB 90479 – Raymarine and Seakeeper Compatibility
    • TB 90480 – Simrad and Seakeeper Compatibility
    • 90600 – Seakeeper 1, 5” Touch Display

Seakeeper 1 Display Options

The Seakeeper 1 has two options for establishing a Seakeeper display interface to support the Seakeeper App, as outlined in TB 90573:

  1. Connect the Seakeeper 1 to a compatible Multifunction Display (MFD).
  2. Install an optional Seakeeper 5” Touch Display.

A Seakeeper display is required with the installation of a Seakeeper 1 to support the full functionality of the unit through the Seakeeper App in addition to the ConnectBox. The Seakeeper App provides an interface for controlling the Seakeeper 1 or viewing the Settings, Service, Info, and Alarm pages. The Seakeeper ConnectBox can be helm-mounted to provide an additional interface for the control of the Seakeeper 1 but does not replace the need for a Seakeeper compatible display.

The following figure provides a schematic of the two display options. The subsequent sections outline the instructions and references for connecting the Seakeeper 1 to each of these display options.

Figure 10 – Seakeeper 1 Display Options (Drawing No. 90511)

Connecting to an Optional Compatible MDF

  1. The Seakeeper 1 can be connected to a variety of available MFD systems. Refer to the Technical Bulletins Section of the Seakeeper Technical Library for manufacturer specific MFD compatibility technical bulletins.
    1. MFD specific Technical Bulletins will be updated regularly as new MFD systems become compatible. Currently GARMIN, RAYMARINE, and SIMRAD offer compatible MFD models.
    2. Once a compatible MFD has been selected, refer to the appropriate manufacturer specific Technical Bulletin for integration instructions.
  2. Connect Seakeeper-supplied Cable 10, D-Code 10 m cable to MFD manufacturer-specific Ethernet adapter cable. Custom Ethernet cables for specific MFD manufacturers are available through Seakeeper and must be purchased with the Seakeeper 1 if connecting to an MFD.
Figure 11 – ConnectBox to MFD Connection

Connecting to an Optional Seakeeper 5” Touch Display

If not utilizing a compatible MFD display, a Seakeeper 5” Touch Display must be purchased from Seakeeper. The Seakeeper 5” Touch Display (P/N 90600) includes the components shown in the following figure and will be integrated with the ConnectBox.

Figure 12 – Seakeeper 5″ Touch Display Components (P/N 90600)
  1. Determine location of Seakeeper 5” Touch Display:
    1. The desired location of the 5” Touch Display must be determined with respect to the vessel’s arrangement.
    2. The 5” Touch Display should be located on or near the helm or another easily accessible location.
  2. Route CAN communications cable:
    1. The CAN Cable Assembly, Cable 3, is a 10 m shielded cable that connects the ConnectBox to the 5” Touch Display.
    2. Cable 3 must be routed and installed in the vessel from the Seakeeper wire harness CAN Tee to the Tee Adapter at the Seakeeper 5” Touch Display, included with P/N 90600.
  3. Install Seakeeper 5” Touch Display equipment:
    1. Console space required: Approx. 5.24 W x 3.70 H in. (133 x 94 mm)
    2. Mounting Instructions, Surface Mount: see Envelope and Mounting Details, in Drawing No. 90438 – 5” Operator Display Envelope and Mounting Details.
  4. CAN communications tee adapter and terminator mounting instructions:
    1. Console space required, Rear: Approx. 4 W x 3 H in. (102 x 76 mm), rear
    2. Mounting Instructions: Rear mount on vessel console panel, within 2 ft (0.6 m) of Display.
    3. Hardware required: One mounting screw for .197 in. (5 mm) diameter mounting hole on Tee Adapter.
  5. Connect Seakeeper 5” Touch Display Equipment:
    1. The Seakeeper 5” Touch Display is connected in accordance with Drawing No. 90511 – Seakeeper 1 Cable Block Diagram, as shown in the following figure.
Figure 13 – Seakeeper 5″ Touch Display Connection (Drawing No. 90511)