Cooling Installation Introduction

Reference Drawings and Documents:
Link to Seakeeper 1 Reference Documents

  • 90512 – Seakeeper 1 Cooling Water Schematic
  • 90511 – Seakeeper 1 Cable Block Diagram
  • TB 90191 – Seawater Cooling Pump Recommendations
  • 30331 – DC Seawater Pump, Seakeeper 1 Assembly

The Seakeeper 1 is shipped with the cooling circuit filled and ready for use. The Seakeeper 1 requires connection to a raw water pump, referred to as the seawater pump, to cool the closed loop cooling circuit on the unit. The required seawater flow through the Seakeeper 1 heat exchanger is between 2 – 4 GPM (7.6 – 15.2 LPM), under all vessel operating conditions. Prior to operation, confirmation of glycol level is required.

Seakeeper offers a compatible self-priming DC Seawater Pump (P/N 30331) that is prewired for the Seakeeper 1 Installation and covered under the standard Seakeeper warranty. See Drawing No. 30331 – DC Seawater Pump, Seakeeper 1 Assembly, for details and the Seakeeper Options and Accessories Price List for pricing information.

Figure 1 – Seakeeper 1 Cooling Components