Transport and Unpacking


  1. Use a Seakeeper-provided shipping crate for transport, P/N 12098. The overall dimensions of a fully-packed Seakeeper 1 crate are 27.5 L x 27.5 W x 23.25 H in. (0.70 L x 0.70 W x 0.60 H m) with a weight of 430 lbs (195 kg), including accessories.
  2. Do not stack Seakeeper shipping crates.
  3. Both air and ground transport are acceptable and available through Seakeeper.
  4. Seakeeper shipping crates must be transported in environmental conditions between -4°F and 140°F (-20°C and 60°C).

Unpacking Crate

Reference Drawing No. 90515 – Seakeeper 1 Crate Unpacking Instructions, for detailed unpacking instructions. Once the Seakeeper 1 crate has been unpacked, follow these instructions when lifting the unit:

  1. Remove and set aside cover, electrical components, cables, and misc. items.
  2. Attach Small Gyro Lifting Bar Kit, P/N 11766, to the two lifting eyes located on the top of the Seakeeper enclosure.
    1. Stay clear of the Seakeeper 1 when the unit is being lifted and use safe practices for working under a suspended load. The Seakeeper 1 weighs 365 lbs (165 kg).
  1. See Figure 4 for proper lifting arrangement. Additional details can be found in Drawing No. 90516 –Seakeeper 1 Bolt-In Installation Details.
  2. Remove lifting eyes once unit is installed. Lifting eyes must be removed prior to operation.

Figure 4 – Seakeeper 1 Lifting Arrangement