High Current 12 VDC Connection

Reference Documents & Drawings:

  • 90511 – Seakeeper 1 Cable Block Diagram

High Current 12 VDC Power Source Requirements:

SourceBattery Bank, 12 VDC, Marine, Deep Cycle
Voltage Range11.3 – 16 VDC
Continuous Current55 A
Overcurrent Protection80 A (Customer Supplied)

High Current 12 VDC Power Connection Instructions

  1. Connect Cable 1 and Cable 2, 2 AWG conductors, to the 12 VDC power source.
    1. Cable 1 and Cable 2 are supplied as length 0.35 m and approximately 0.1 m is routed within the gyro frame.
  2. Splice customer-supplied 2 AWG conductors to Cable 1 and Cable 2 in accordance with the Crimping Instructions in Drawing No. 90511 – Seakeeper 1 Cable Block Diagram, using Seakeeper-supplied butt connectors, to increase conductors to desired length. The maximum cable length is 29.53 ft (9.0 m) each.
  3. Crimp Cable 1 to B+ Conductor (red). Conductor should be continuous throughout entire length; do not coil. The most direct route to the 12 VDC power source should be used.
    1. Repeat Step 3 for Cable 2 to B- Conductor (black).
    2. Install approximately 2 in. (51 mm) of double wall (adhesive lined) heat shrink tubing over entire butt connector and onto both sides of conductor insulation.
  4. Connect plus conductor (B+, red) through dedicated 80 A overcurrent protection device (customer-supplied) and a dedicated isolation switch (customer-supplied), then directly to battery plus terminal or bus bar.
  5. Connect minus conductor (B-, black) directly to battery minus terminal or DC negative bus.

Figure 3 – Seakeeper 1 Cable Block Diagram (Drawing No. 90511) – High Current Connection

Reversing polarity on the DC power input to the Seakeeper can result in damaging the electronics in the control system.

Figure 4 – High Current DC Input Crimping Instructions (Drawing No. 90511)