Installation Requirements

Installation Requirements Introduction

The Installation Requirements section outlines the components and tools needed for the Seakeeper 1 installation that are not included within the scope of supply.

Required Supplies for Seakeeper Installation

Table 1 outlines the customer-supplied components required for the Seakeeper 1 installation:

Table 1: Components and Supplies Required for Seakeeper 1 Installation

ItemDescriptionQtyInstallation Manual ReferenceOther ReferenceSystem
1Spreader bar for lifting the Seakeeper 11Transport and UnpackingP/N 11766Mechanical
2Seakeeper 1 Foundation1Mechanical InstallationDwg 90559Mechanical
3Seakeeper 1 Fixture Kit1Mechanical Installation P/N 90517Mechanical
4Threaded insert: M14-2 x 1.5DIA (21 mm)4Mechanical Installation Dwg 90516Mechanical
5Seakeeper 1 Bolt-In Kit1Mechanical Installation P/N 90599Mechanical
6Marine SealantARMechanical Installation Dwg 90516Mechanical
7Anti-SeizeARMechanical Installation Dwg 90516Mechanical
8Conductor, Marine, 2 AWG, red (Cable 1: B+ Positive)ARHigh Current 12 VDC ConnectionDwg 90511Electrical
9Conductor, Marine, 2 AWG, black (Cable 2: B- Negative)ARHigh Current 12 VDC Connection Dwg 90511Electrical
10Circuit Breaker, 80 A (Cable 1)1High Current 12 VDC Connection Dwg 90511Electrical
11Battery Isolator Switch (Cable 1 / Cable 7)1High Current 12 VDC Connection Dwg 90511Electrical
12Seawater Pump, 12 VDC, 15 A max
Optional: DC Seawater Pump Assembly (prewired)
1Seawater Pump Connection InstructionsDwg 90512, P/N 30331Electrical / Cooling
13Circuit Breaker corresponding to pump rating (Cable 7)1Seawater Pump Connection Instructions Dwg 90511Electrical
14Deutsch DT Series 2-pin Receptacle – Female (Cable 5)
*Not required with Seakeeper Seawater Pump (30331)
1Seawater Pump Connection Instructions Dwg 90511Electrical
15Conductor, Marine, 4 AWG, green (Cable 6: Ground)ARElectrical Equipment Ground ConnectionsDwg 90470Electrical
16Compatible MFD or Seakeeper 5” Touch Display Kit1Seakeeper 1 Display ConnectionDwg 90511,
TB 90573,
P/N 90600
17MFD Connection Cable, M12 D Code, 4-Pin: Garmin / Raymarine / Simrad (Optional)1Seakeeper 1 Display Connection P/N 20373,
18NMEA 2000 Backbone with compatible GPS Signal1Seakeeper 1 NMEA 2000 Network ConnectionDwg 90511Electrical
19Through-hull fittings (1 high-speed pick-up / 1
overboard discharge)
2Installation ConsiderationsDwg 90512Cooling
20Seawater Strainer *Included with Seakeeper Seawater Pump (30331)1Connecting Seawater to Heat ExchangerDwg 90512Cooling
21Seacock Valve1Connecting Seawater to Heat Exchanger Dwg 90512Cooling
22½ in. ID Seawater HoseARConnecting Seawater to Heat Exchanger Dwg 90512Cooling
23Hose Clamps ½ in. (13 mm) fittings (2 per connection)8Connecting Seawater to Heat Exchanger Dwg 90512Cooling

AR = As Required
Dwg = Drawing
P/N = Seakeeper Part Number

Tools Required for Installation

Table 2 outlines the tools and equipment required for the Seakeeper 1 installation:

Table 2: Tools and Equipment Required for Seakeeper 1 Installation

1Hoist, Forklift, or CraneUnpacking and lifting Seakeeper 1 into position
2Transfer Punch KitLocate foundation hole penetrations
3Drill / Drill PressBolt hole penetrations
4Threaded Insert Installation KitTap and install threaded inserts (M14x2 1.5xDIA)
5Marine SealantLower snubbing washer installation
6Flexible Extendable Magnet, McMaster P/N: 3838A42 or similarLowering foundation bolts into place
7½ in. Drive Torque WrenchFoundation Bolts (115 ft/lbs [15 N-m])
812-18 in. Extension, ½ in. DriveFoundation Bolts
922 mm SocketFoundation Bolts
10Utility knifeScoring cable jackets
11Wire cutterDC Power Cables
12Wire stripperDC Power Cables
13Greenlee K05-Synchro Crimp Tool or Equivalent12 VDC High Current Input Cables, 2 AWG Ground Cable, 4 AWG
14Heat gunFor conductor 1, 2, 6 heat shrink
15Fish tapeCable pulls
16Hole sawThru-hull fittings
17¼ in. (7 mm) Nut Driver / Flat Head ScrewdriverHose clamps

Note: Additional tools could be required for the installation of customer-supplied components.