Electrical Equipment Mounting

Precautions: Each item of electrical equipment has specific mounting instructions. These instructions should be followed to ensure proper function of the Seakeeper.

Do NOT move Seakeeper mounted components from their locations or incorrect Seakeeper operation will result.

  1. Optional: Multi-Function Display Integration Instructions
    1. The following Technical Bulletins outline the instructions for MFD Integration:
      1. TB 90478 – Garmin and Seakeeper Compatibility
      2. TB 90479 – Raymarine and Seakeeper Compatibility
      3. TB 90479 – Simrad and Seakeeper Compatibility
      4. Additional MFD compatibility will be added as new integrations become available. Please contact Seakeeper for additional information.
    2. Seakeeper MFD compatibility cable part numbers can be found in the relevant technical bulletin for the specific MFD, listed above.
  2. Optional: ConnectBox Helm Mounting Kit
    1. Console space required: Approx. 3.41 L x 4.15 W in. (87 x 106 mm).
    2. Mounting Instructions, Surface Mount: See Drawing No. 90558 – Seakeeper 1 ConnectBox Helm Mounting Kit, for details. Seakeeper ConnectBox 3D Model available upon request.
    3. Mount ConnectBox Replacement Blank insert into Seakeeper 1 enclosure at the original location of the ConnectBox.
  3. Optional: 5” Touch Display Mounting Instructions, Surface Mount:
    1. Console space required: Approx. 5.24 W x 3.70 H in. (133 x 94 mm).
    2. Mounting Instructions, Surface Mount: See Drawing No. 90438 – 5″ Operator Display Envelope and Mounting Details, for details. Seakeeper Touch Display 3D Model available upon request.
  4. NMEA Communications Tee Adapter and Terminator Mounting Instructions:
    1. Space required: Approx. 4 W x 3 H in. (102 x 76 mm).
    2. Mounting Instructions: mount on vessel’s existing NMEA Backbone.