Seakeeper Ride | Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshooting | Tables

Note: For all troubleshooting issues ensure the following:

  • The Software Module is updated to the most current version of software.
  • The MFD is updated to the most current version of software.
  • There is a stable GPS connection.
  • The Configuration Mode is set to Disabled after any changes have been made in the Advanced Settings screen.
  • The system is rebooted with after performing any configuration. Wait for 20 seconds while the power is off.
IssueLikely Reason(s)Solution
‘No Controllers Found’ message.No Seakeeper CAN Bus connection to Distribution Module.

Missing Seakeeper CAN Bus Terminator.

No power to Distribution Module.

Incorrect Actuator Plug wiring.
See Section 8 of the Electrical Installation Manual. Ensure the CAN Bus cables are fully inserted, replace if damaged, and verify all wiring matches instructions and diagrams. Check 25 A Breaker. Rewire the Actuator Cable Ampseal Plugs if necessary.
‘No Connection’ message.Ethernet cable between Software Module and MFD is loose or damaged.

No power to the Software Module.
Ensure the ethernet cable is attached. See Section 8.2 of the Electrical Installation Manual and ensure the wiring is correct. See the Powered CAN Bus Tee section in Section 8.1 of the Electrical Installation Manual. Ensure power is flowing to the Powered CAN Bus Tee, the 3 A inline fuse is not blown, and polarity is not reversed.
Controller Configuration is greyed out. Cannot select.Both Actuator Cables are plugged into the Distribution Module during commissioning.Remove one of the Actuator Cables and continue commissioning process.
Keypad is not working or lighting up.Seakeeper CAN Bus connection to Keypad is loose or damaged.Ensure the CAN Bus cable is fully inserted and replace if damaged.
Position Sensing Fault.The Blade arms could be loose or the torque arms loose.Replace the Actuator.


Commissioning and Testing the System
IssueLikely Reason(s)Solution
Controller Blades are opposite (left arrow moves Port Controller or vice versa).Port and Starboard assignments are flipped.Follow Commissioning Instructions Section 6 – Controller Configuration. Pay special attention to steps 1-5.
Controller Blade moves up instead of down OR Port and Starboard Indicators (blue bars) max out around 30%.Incorrect Cable Routing Side assignment.Follow Commissioning Instructions Section 6 – Controller Configuration. Pay special attention to step 8.
Controller Blade is not sitting flush with Seal Plate.Bad Zero Position calibration.Follow Commissioning Instructions Section 6 – Controller Configuration. Pay special attention to steps 6-7.
Screen is blank.Software Module switches are in the wrong position for the MFD manufacturer.Follow Commissioning Instructions Section 2 – Software Module Switches.
‘Vessel Speed Too High!’ message.Boat is moving while attempting angle calibration.

GPS signal is lost while attempting angle calibration.
Slow down the boat to a stop.

Restore GPS signal. See 555 – NMEA2000Fault Issue.

Stabilization Issues
IssueLikely Reason(s)Solution
Boat is listing in Auto Mode.Angle Calibration is off.

IMU Orientation is wrong.
Redo the Angle Calibration in Section 4.

Redo the IMU Orientation in Section 5.
Boat is porpoising in Auto Mode.IMU Orientation is wrong.Redo the IMU Orientation in Section 5.
Boat listing in Manual Mode OR Boat is bow heavy in Manual Mode OR Seakeeper Ride has limited influence above 20 mph.Bad Zero Position calibration.Repeat Section 6 – Controller Configuration. Pay special attention to steps 6-7.
Seakeeper Ride appears to do nothing in Auto and Manual modes above 20 mph.Incorrect Cable Routing Side assignment.

Configuration Mode is still Enabled

Fault or other error is present.
Repeat Section 6 – Controller Configuration. Pay special attention to step 8.

Go to the Advanced Settings screen and follow Commissioning Instructions Section 7 – Exiting Advanced Mode.

See details on Fault or other error present.

Fault Codes
IssueLikely Reason(s)Solution
555 – NMEA2000Fault
556- Port1NoCANFault
No GPS connection, because:

Boat is indoors.

Blocked antenna signal.

Cable between Software Module and NMEA 2000 network is loose or damaged.

Boat’s NMEA 2000 network is not powered correctly.

Boat’s NMEA 2000 network does not have terminators in the correct positions.
Move boat outside where it can get a good signal.

Check cable between Software Module and NMEA 2000 network. Replace if needed.

Restore power to the boat’s NMEA 2000 network.

Install terminators on the ends of the boat’s NMEA 2000 network.
508 – TrimAngleOutOfRange
509 – ListAngleOutOfRange
510 – RollRateOutOfRange
511 – YawRateOutOfRange
512 – PitchRateOutOfRange
518 – LongAccelOutofRangeFault
519 – LatAccelOutofRangeFault
520 – VertAccelOutofRangeFault
GPS signal is inconsistent.

The Software Module is mounted at an angle greater than 15˚.

Software Module is mounted upside down.

Angle Calibration is off.
See 555 – NMEA2000Fault.

Remount the Software Module upright at an angle less than 15˚ both front to back and side to side.

Redo the Angle Calibration in Section 4.
513 – ICMTempOutOfRange
514 – ADXLTempOutOfRange
515 – CPUTempOutOfRange
Heat source near Software Module.Shut off power to all systems. Ensure there are no signs of fire and remove any sources of heat from near the Software Module.
570 – ConfigurationFault
571 – Port1ConfigInProgressFault
572 – Port2ConfigInProgressFault
573 – Starboard1ConfigInProgressFault
574 – Starboard2ConfigInProgressFault
575 – Pitch1ConfigInProgressFault
576 – Pitch2ConfigInProgressFault
Commissioning incomplete.

System was not rebooted after commissioning.

User did not wait 20 seconds before rebooting after commissioning.
Repeat the commissioning process, wait 20 seconds, and reboot. If needed, unassign Actuators and reassign one at time.
582- SystemUpdateFailedSoftware Update does not load properly to the Software Module.Is the software already updated? If not, Re-download the software update to the USB to ensure it is the most recent version.
256 – Port1AgeCount
257 – Port2AgeCount
258 – Port3AgeCount
259 – Starboard1AgeCount
260 – Starboard2AgeCount
261 – Starboard3AgeCount
262 – Pitch1AgeCount
263 – Pitch2AgeCount
264 – Pitch3AgeCount

283 – PortNotResponsive
286 – StarboardNotResponsive
Commissioning incomplete.

Connection between Software Module and Distribution Module loose or damaged.

Actuator Cable connection to Distribution Module loose or damaged.

Blockage to Blade deployment.
See ‘No Controllers Found’ message.

Ensure nothing is in the way of the Blade or Actuator preventing movement.
556 – Port1NoCANFault
557 – Starboard1NoCANFault
Incorrect Ampseal Plug wiring.
516 – VBattLowFault
517 – VBattHighFault
Battery under 9.5 V or over 16 V for more than 2 seconds.Shut off power to all systems. Check voltage at batteries. If battery voltage is good, inspect terminals and wiring. Remove corrosion, replace power cable, or increase wire gauge if needed.

For low voltage:
-Recharge battery if needed.
-Replace battery if needed.
-Inspect alternator.

For high voltage:
-Consult with manufacturer to inspect batteries or alternator.  
1024 – No CAN CommunicationRide Proprietary CAN Bus Signal is interrupted in delivering data from the Software Module to the Controllers.Power cycle while USB is plugged into the Software Module.
1025 – GyroIncompatibleThe detected Seakeeper Gyro system is not compatible with this version of Ride.Please update your Gyro software to the latest version.
1040 – UI IssueUnable to update Ride system as some/all CAN devices are not detected.Please make sure your Ride system is correctly wired. Check you have a separate backbone for the boat from the Seakeeper Ride CAN Bus backbone.
1041- CANUpdateSoftwareNotFound


1043- CANUpdateFailedToDisableSystem

1042- CANUpdateDowngradeNotAllowed

Unable to find software for some/all connected CAN devices.

Software updates of some/all CAN devices failed.

Failed to disable the system so we cannot update CAN device software.

CAN software downgrades are not supported and a device with a newer version than expected was detected.
Insert LATEST software into micro USB of software module and cycle power to full system (Distribution Module and Software Module).

Check the Seakeeper CAN Bus backbone for proper terminator resistors.
1050- “Unable to authenticate Ride system as some/all CAN devices are not detected.”

1051- “Failed to authenticate Ride system.”
1052- “Authentication Fault”
The actuator could be disabled if there is not a genuine software module. The actuator and software module being used are not compatible. Ensure the correct sized actuator/controller type for the system is installed. (Ex. If the actuators being used are for a 450 system, the software module must also be a 450 system software module.)