1. Introduction

Following installation, the Seakeeper Ride system must be configured prior to operation. This process is performed by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM/boat builder) or a professional Seakeeper certified installer if they performed the installation.

ATTENTION! Changing these critical settings can render the system non-functional and create an unsafe operating condition. Please proceed only if you have read and understand this manual in full.

ATTENTION! Advanced Mode configurations should only be changed under extenuating circumstances, such as replacing system components or if an incorrect calibration has been confidently diagnosed.

For Seakeeper Ride systems installed by end users, follow the steps below to commission your new system. The full procedure should take approximately 10 minutes if the boat is in a proper location before starting.

After following both the Mechanical and Electrical installation instructions, begin commissioning by ensuring the following:

  • The boat is on an even keel (level port to starboard)
  • The boat is trimmed level (no excess bow down or stern down angle)
  • GPS has consistent satellite signal
  • You have access to Controllers (If the boat is in the water this may not be possible, and therefore the boat may need to be trailered for the full procedure)
  • You are aware of the cable side of the Actuators (example: port side Actuator Cable is in the port cable entry)
  • You have access to the Distribution Module for unplugging and re-plugging in Controllers
  • You have access to the MFD and/or Keypad
  • You have access to circuit breakers
  • You have access to the engine key switch
  • No unnecessary persons are on the vessel